History of Economic Thought Newsletter

Published twice yearly, subscription £8 p.a. individual, £10 p.a. institutional.
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All communications should be addressed to the editor.

Editor: Professor John Vint
Manchester Metropolitan University
Department of Economics and Economic History
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mabel Tylecote Building, Cavendish Street
Manchester M15 6BG, UK

Telephone (+44/0)161 247 3891, Fax (+44/0)161 247 6302
E-mail: J.Vint@mmu.ac.uk

Editorial Committee:

There is no formally organized society for the history of economic thought in the UK. The newsletter provides a focus for those in the field in the UK and elsewhere, along with an annual conference (which may be held outside the UK - it has been to Holland and to the Republic of Ireland in recent years). The 1999 conference is at Bristol.

Formally, the newsletter is a self-supporting entity, as is each annual conference, though there is a business session at each conference which decides where the next conference will be and who will organize it, and also hears a report from the editor of the newsletter.

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