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Dr. Francesco Giovannoni

I am a Reader in Economics at the University of Bristol and Associate Editor at the European Economic Review. My contact details are:

Room 3B1
Dept. of Economics
School of Economics, Finance and Management
University of Bristol
Priory Road Complex, Priory Road.
Bristol, BS8 1TU

Tele: (+44) (0)117 331 0587
Fax: (+44) (0)117 928 8577
Email: myname.mysurname@bristol.ac.uk


Curriculum Vitae

Use this link for my latest cv.


At the moment, I teach Advanced Microeconomics (3rd year undergraduate). I am also programme director for the MRes in Economics.


My main areas of research are in political economics and in microeconomic theory.

Within political economics, my interests are focused on elections and electoral campaigns, the interplay between lobbying, corruption and political institutions, and on institutional development. Within microeconomic theory, I am interested in auctions or market mechanisms and in strategic information transmission.


Here are some recent publications: