Sonia Bhalotra

Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

University of Bristol

8 Woodland Road

Bristol BS8 1TN, UK


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Tel: +44 117 928 8418

Fax: +44 117 928 8577


Sameera, 8.



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Current Position


Professor of Economics, University of Bristol

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University of Oxford (2011-2012)

Visiting Scholar, Wolfson College, University of Oxford (2011-2012)


Current Teaching


Unit Director and Lecturer, MSc Applied Economics (with Senay Sekollu)

Unit Director and Lecturer, MSc Topics in Development Economics (with Jahirul Islam)

Intercalated BSc in International Health (for medical students)

Doctoral Training Centre: Global Political Economy: Transformations and Policy Analysis (global health)

Doctoral Training Centre: Conflict, Security and Justice

In Oxford: Module of Human Capital for MSc/MPhil students (with Andrew Zeitlin)


PhD Students: Wu Yichao (2010-), Stewart Kettle (2011-), Alpi Jain Patel (2011-)

Recently completed PhDs: Sam Rawlings, Marcela Umana-Aponte


Research Areas and Interests: Development Economics, Health, Education, Demography, Public Economics, Economics of the Family, Political Economy, Labour Economics.

Themes: Policy evaluation in developing countries, political economy of public service provision, gender, health and survival in poor countries and in the history of richer countries, early life interventions, social mobility and intergenerational transmission.


Links to Recently Organised Workshops


Session on Political Economy at the American Economic Association Meetings January 2013, organiser and speaker

This link will take you to the programme of the recent workshop on Public Service Reform in Developing Countries, 3-4 April 2012.

Social Mobility workshop (co-organised with Paul Gregg): 28 October 2011

Public talk on water and health hazards at the Bristol Festival of Nature, June 2011

Long Run Influence of the Early Childhood Environment in Developing Countries, session organised at the American Economic Association Meetings Denver, January 2011

Sex Ratios and Parental Investment, workshop organised at Bristol, October 2010, Papers summarised in the CMPO Public Policy Research Bulletin, Summer 2011

Implications of Sex Preference, session organised at the American Society of Health Economics Conference (ASHE), Cornell, 20-23 June 2010

Long Run and Intergenerational Influences of the Foetal and Early Childhood Environment, session organised at ASHE, Cornell, 20-23 June 2010

Foetal Origins and Intergenerational Health Transmission, workshop organised at Bristol, 16 October 2009, 

Non-technical overview of papers presented at the workshop.

Non-technical summaries of individual papers were published in the CMPO Public Policy Research Bulletin, Summer 2010